Skin care steps

Time:2017-01-19 11:30

First, the first step in spring skin care - mild cleaning

Spring, with the temperature rise, the human skin metabolism has become very active, sebaceous glands and sweat glands secretion is also increasing. Skin metabolism gradually accelerated, sebum and sweat secretion more and more exuberant. As the temperature and humidity are very suitable, in such an environment, it is easy to breed bacteria, long acne and skin greasy. The first step is to clean the skin - wash your face, clean the face of oil dust, and clear the pores and follow-up steps to lay the foundation for skin care. | Nextpage | Skin care for pregnant women to do the first step.

It can dissolve some nutrients such as starch, protein, vitamins and minerals, can clean the face of oil, dilute the pigment and prevent the emergence of Zhifang Li, in particular, especially for long-acne, large pores of the skin Oily people.

Second, how to skin care in spring? Moisturizing is the time

China's vast territory, north-south climate difference. In spring, the south moist and moist skin is easy to breed bacteria, while the north is dry and windy, many people will be tight skin dry, peeling. However, whether it is "South mother", "North mother", "dry mom" or "oil mother", replenishment is the key to skin care. Spring, pregnant mother only let the skin to drink full, full of moisture to full of vitality, metabolic exclusion of skin waste, balance the secretion of oils and fats to protect the skin fresh and moist and free from infection.

Moisturizing lotion, is the spring pregnant mother skin care essential goods. After applying toner, wipe the moisturizing lotion, can make the skin lasting moisturizing water lock, non-greasy is not tight, showing the beautiful fresh skin, such as spring. To the original ecological soybean extract made of pregnant women for soymilk moisturizing lotion, can be said to be pregnant mother nourish the skin, improve skin quality, prevention of sensitive choice.

Third, the isolation of the sun, pregnant mother cut forget

Spring sun, although not as violent in summer, but mothers are still not ignore the spring skin care isolation sunscreen. If our skin is not barrier protection, ultraviolet rays, air pollution, electromagnetic radiation, allergens, etc. "mischief molecules" will wantonly do whatever they want, to pregnant mother "face" a heavy burden.

Fourth, skin care mask

The capsules were extracted from the aloe vera, bird's nest and gentian root, and formed into a hydrogel body. The microspheres were then transferred into the skin layers. The release of large amounts of water and nutrients, will contain the aloe and bird's nest essence of effective nutrients transported in the layers of cells, so that cell abundance. Subcutaneous layers to restore vitality, speed up the cycle, so that the skin to achieve the best balance of moisture balance.