Forbes Released the List of Most Prestigious Companies

Time:2017-03-08 10:55

      American “Forbes”, who is favorite to release different kinds of list released a new list again, and this time, they released the Top of the World’s Most Prestigious Companies List.
      This list is the result of investigating on 170K interviewees by Forbes and Reputation Institute. There are 7 aspects of evaluating standard, including product & service, creativity, working environment, management ability, leadership skills, civic consciousness and financial performance.
      According to the Reputation Institute, prestige drives business. If the company got the higher score, its products will most possibly be purchased or recommended. There are 4 cosmetics companies on this list: Estee Lauder(of 37, score 73.71), JNJ(of 44, score 73.27), L’Oreal(of 46, score 73.18), Unilever (of 74, score 70.84)
      The ranking of the same industry companies in the list would show some consumption trend. In 2016, the Top of the World’s Most Prestigious Companies List also listed these 4 cosmetics companies, nothing but the score of Estee Lauder and Unilever have risen, but L’Oreal and JNJ dropped, the ranking also changed accordingly.
      Estee Lauder risen to the first place, though it’s score is not achieved to JNJ in last year. Unilever is very hard, the ranking is risen, but still in the last place of the 4 companies. JNJ who has the best performance in last year, plunged from 16 to 44 this time, it should be related to several baby powder incidents that contain carcinogenic substance. The performance of L’Oreal also not so good, it ranking dropped 22.