Korean Cosmetics Facing Integrity Crisis Affected by THAAD

Time:2017-03-17 12:15

        It is reported that the Chinese National Tourism Administration together with the provincial and municipal tourism bureaus held an informal meeting in 1st, March, fully suspend selling the South Korea’s tourism product from 15th, March. So far, South Korea group tour and free tour through the travel agency was fully banned, air ticket and visa applied by travel agency also stopped sell and issue at the same time.
  First hit of ban on tourism products is travel, airline and hotel industries, but the circulation field which represented by cosmetics also influenced by this event, especially for the cosmetics retailers and duty-free stores lay in core commercial circles such as Myeong-dong, Boulevard and South kye-dong etc, Chinese tourists purchased 80%~90% of the total sales. The influence should not be looked down on.
        One practitioner form Myeong-dong cosmetics uniform shop said “This message like a thunderclap, it is more serious than the last MERS, sales have fallen by a third from the beginning of this month, if the rest little Chinese don’t coming also, we are almost hardly to hold in line. Actually, we are urgently looking forward to make the relationship between China and South Korea return to former situation.”
 One brand store person also said “Sales of tourist business circle marts is less at ordinary times in half, if this situation continue, franchisees only have to close. Turn to direct-sale store is unavoidable at that time, but it is a headache thing to the head office who will undertake all the loss.”
  Duty-free stores also covered with the shadow of fear, since the Chinese government implemented the action that to limit South Korea tourism from last October, the sales falling sharply, worst film story came true. One circulation field person expressed “duty-free stores of larger firms like New word, Lotte and Shilla etc., can hold on for a while, but for the little & new duty-free stores, they should face to closing down, due to the new duty-free stores almost run on the tour group contract which signed with the travel agency, so it is equivalently to be announced death penalty.”
The worse problem is that the anti-Korea moves and hate Korea mood are persistently soaring in China’s local. One cosmetics industry Korean who lives in China said “In the beginning, they resist Lotte due to it transferred its ground, and later, it extend to Korean cosmetics, it is said that, even a Korean student was beaten only for speaking Korean in Renming University. The hate Korea mood is evidently.”  
     One Chinese cosmetics industry personage said” This moves of China aims to beat the dog before the lion, so that to warning all the surrounding countries do not deploy THAAD, and now for Korea, to figure out this situation, it should end the domestic political chaos ASAP, and refresh the relationship between China and Korea.”